Wax Melts

Just break off a piece or pieces of your wax melt and place them in a proper unit such as a warmer or a melter.  Some of these units are electric and some you use with a tea light.
If using a tea light, to melt your wax, it is best if the tea light is unscented.
If there is left over wax it will harden as the temperatures cool down.
Some warnings to heed:
Take the wax melts out of the package before use.
Use wax melts only in proper units made for wax melts.
Do not leave units unattended.
Keep out of reach of children and pets.
Do not add water.
Do not melt on stove top or non-approved unit.
Use only in a well ventilated area away from flammable materials.
Do not leave in a windy area (window or fan).

Soap Care

Keep your soap out of water when not in use.

Let your soap dry thoroughly after each use.

Keep your soap in a soap dish that allows for drainage.

I try to keep my soaps standing upright in the shower (of course I have a six soaps in the shower).

Most soaps are ready after four to six weeks of curing (water evaporates out of the soap bar) but soaps such as Castile (100% Olive Oil) Soap could take up to 10 months to fully cure so these soaps need to stay air dried after each use.

New Site

Creating my own website has been a year long challenge, mostly because I am stubborn and want to do this myself!  This has hindered my creative side of soap making.  So I am just going to start today regardless of if I am ready or not.

Content on this page will be updated as new soaps are created.  Previous soaps came with their own stories of creation but today I will start going forward with new stories.

So this is it for now but stay tuned!