Fall Collection

This is my first “Collection” in my soaping journey. The soaps pictured below are in my Fall Collection. Finally made another Lemon Poppy Seed Soap which would be great for exfoliating and cleaning your hands after prepping your garden for fall . The Lemon Poppy Seed Soap is all natural, vegan-friendly, and palm free. The second soap in the collection smells like apples, a perfect fall smell! Tried to mimic different names of apples with colors using pinks, reds, and greens. Of course we have a “Happy Halloween” soap made with Activated Charcoal, Shea Butter, and Kaolin Clay. What a treat. We are starting to make gift sets for the holidays. We made a matching Shave and a Haircut Bath Truffle to go with our Shave and a Haircut soap. The smell of these two items is said to be masculine but to me the scent has a “clean” smell and would be amicable to all. These Bath Truffles are made with nice oils to moisturize your skin but be careful they will leave your bathtub slippery. My favorite soap of this collection is Campfire! I love a good campfire, firepit, and my fireplace at home. I tried to make this colorful to look like dancing flames. Campfire was made with a new technique that I used for the first time and couldn’t be happier with these results. Campfire is vegan friendly made with two types of butters. I am thinking about adding one more soap, maybe apple pie….we will see what happens. Christmas soaps coming soon. Campfire, Happy Halloween, and Bath Truffles are available now on Etsy – etsy.com/shop/dmandsoap. The others will be available soon.

Happy Fall,


Hand Washing in Action

Today I was making a couple of hand washing videos for my Etsy site (Etsy.com/shop/dmandsoap) and thought I would share one here.  Hope everyone is using really great soap with every 20 second hand wash!  There has been a lot of interest in my Cotton Candy soap over on Etsy so I used a bar here to demonstrate the soap.  It is so creamy and I love the bubbles.  I try to make sure that most of my soaps have a great lather.  Now that I think of it, next time I will used my shower sponge to demonstrate.  You get a really thick lather with the shower sponge (what do you call those round netty things that hang in your shower).  Hope everyone is practicing social distancing.  It’s seems a pretty simple thing to do for now in order help get us past COVID-19 until our numbers go down.  Thankfully many younger people can get over the symptoms without dire circumstances but that is not the case for everyone.  Stay safe!

Pride Soap 2020

I have to say that I love the way this soap turned out.  This was a tough soap to work with and I thought all was lost.  I tried a new swirl, six colors, and a new fragrance (perhaps not the best combo first time around).  Each color reacted differently (from no acceleration to a slight acceleration, and a full out acceleration) when the fragrance oil was added which has never happened to me before.  Soaping always has surprises that end up amazing you – look at that swirl!  I couldn’t be happier.  This soap will be ready for purchase in June 2020!  Stay safe and wash your hands often.

Just when I am ready……

to participate in markets this year to sell my soaps, they are canceled!  I applied to markets starting in April (my first one in 2020 would have been tomorrow) and throughout the summer.  I never thought I would sell my soap online but here I am now selling soap on Etsy.  We will see how it goes.  One thing I have to do is work on my presentation, lighting, and soap descriptions.  During this PHE (public health emergency) I hope everyone stays safe, practices social distancing, and stays home as much as possible.  Don’t forget to wash your hands with soap!

Natural Colorants in Soap

Here is a picture of the Cucumber Layered Soap.  Look how vibrant the colors are when the soap first comes out of the mold – gorgeous!  Perhaps I don’t have the best photo to display this bar of soap but it will give you an idea of how natural colorants fade in soap.  The bar of soap is still wonderful to use but just muted in color.  For this soap we used annatto seed powder for the top layer, titanium dioxide for the middle layer, and spirulina for the bottom layer mixed with a cucumber puree from the whole cucumber including the skin.  I love using the natural colorants but they do leave you limited when it comes to creating different soap designs.  Still learning about all the wonderful qualities of natural colorants so hopefully more to come.  Spirulina is one of my favorite colorants, as well as, indigo blue, activated charcoal, and lemon peel powder.

To wrap or not to wrap…..

I like to wrap my soaps in cellophane so they are as untouched as possible when you purchase them but…….

As I keep learning about products, wrapping, etc.  I come to understand that cellophane wrapping is not eco friendly so once the wrappings that I have already purchased are finished I will no longer use them.

How will I keep your soaps fresh and untouched in the future?  There are a number of options such as leaving them unwrapped, glassine bags, paper wrapping all of which have there pros and cons.

Stay tuned as we work through exploring new wrapping ideas!

Specialty Orders

DMand Soaps would love to help you create a custom order.  We can also make a soap that you love but do not find on our website.  We are a small business and handcraft all our projects.

Specialty orders will take two – four months after taking an order.  Most ingredients we have on hand an others we special order.  My favorite place to order products from is in Washington State and shipping is a lengthy process.

Some examples of specialty orders could be:

  1. Gender reveal soaps for a baby shower
  2. Soaps containing your favorite fragrance
  3. Skin sensitive soaps
  4. Soap with a special stamp such as a stork, rings for a wedding shower etc.

We would love to work with you to create a unique handcrafted soap for your occasions.



Wax Melts

Just break off a piece or pieces of your wax melt and place them in a proper unit such as a warmer or a melter.  Some of these units are electric and some you use with a tea light.
If using a tea light, to melt your wax, it is best if the tea light is unscented.
If there is left over wax it will harden as the temperatures cool down.
Some warnings to heed:
Take the wax melts out of the package before use.
Use wax melts only in proper units made for wax melts.
Do not leave units unattended.
Keep out of reach of children and pets.
Do not add water.
Do not melt on stove top or non-approved unit.
Use only in a well ventilated area away from flammable materials.
Do not leave in a windy area (window or fan).

Soap Care

Keep your soap out of water when not in use.

Let your soap dry thoroughly after each use.

Keep your soap in a soap dish that allows for drainage.

I try to keep my soaps standing upright in the shower (of course I have a six soaps in the shower).

Most soaps are ready after four to six weeks of curing (water evaporates out of the soap bar) but soaps such as Castile (100% Olive Oil) Soap could take up to 10 months to fully cure so these soaps need to stay air dried after each use.